01 January 1980


Please follow these steps to start a remote help session. It will take about 2 minutes to install the software and get connected.

1] Download the free CrossLoop support software using one of the following links:

2] Install the software:
Double click on the "PC_crossloopsetup.exe" file you downloaded and follow the prompts.

(for the Mac version, double click on the Mac_CrossLoop.dmg file you downloaded and then double click on the CrossLoop.pkg file to install. Follow the prompts.)

3] Start the applicationThe application should start automatically when the installation is complete, if not look for this icon on your desktop and double click on it to start:
4] Skip Registration:
When the application starts, you will see a registration screen . At the bottom right there should be a small link that says "SKIP" - click on this to skip registration.

5] Give me your Access Code:
You should see a screen that has an "Access Code" on it. This is the number I need to connect to your computer. Read this number to me or email it. Press the green connect button start sharing your screen.

6] Accept my connection
When prompted, accept my connection.

If prompted with a security warning, choose "Unblock"

7] Disconnect when we're done
You can disconnect at any time by pressing the Disconnect button on the CrossLoop application.

Leave me a voicemail