17 March 2008

Replacing Phanfare with SmugMug

Well, the time has come to move on to a new photo sharing site. Phafare is changing it model and will no longer allow open sharing of photos. Instead, you have to open a Phanfare account to see my photos. Since I don’t want people to have to open an account to see my photos, I’m in the process of moving them to SmugMug. While offiering a completly different set of features, at a higher price, the quality and free access is there. They also gave me a discount for my first year because I was leaving Phanfare.

One of the features I’m looking forward to is the ability to geocode a gallery and display the locations the photos were taken. I’ve purchase a bluetooth adapter for my D200 camera (the RedHen Blue2CAN) and a very small bluetooth GPS (the Wintech WBT-201) to send it signals. The combination will allow me to geocode the photos in the camera. I hope to make the forthcoming trip to Borneo a geocoded gallery.

More to come as I post more photos and get settled into SmugMug.

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