15 June 2008

Mac Utilities and Applications

I've only recently converted to the Mac, so I've been on the lookout for new utilities and tools. I have a set I use in windows, this what I have found useful so far on the Mac:

  • 1Password - an awsome password vault
  • AppleJack - OS command line utility for disk recovery - FREE
  • BlueHarvest - cleans up mac files from network shares
  • CyberDuck - FTP Client - FREE
  • DiskTop - indicates if a CD is loaded in the Mac by showing a CD/DVD on the desktop - FREE
  • Drive Genius - drive and file recovery
  • Flip4Mac - allows Quicktime to play Windows Media files
  • Google Notifier - checks for new mail and appointment on google - FREE
  • gSync - syncs my iCal with Google Calendars
  • HandBrake - DVD ripping - FREE
  • iStat Menus - general performance stats in the Mac Menus - FREE
  • Jolly's FastVNC - a VNC client - FREE
  • Jungle Disk - Amazon S3 remote disk storage
  • KeyFixer - allow the Home and End keys to work like they do on a PC - FREE
    KeyFixer for Firefox - Home and End fixes for Firefox browser - FREE
  • Little Snitch - personal firewall
  • MacTheRipper - DVD ripping when HandBrake fails - FREE
  • NetShredX - shreads surfing history and temp files for Safari and Firefox
  • NuFile - right click to create a new blank file (primarily to create new TXT files) - FREE
  • Perian - QuickTime codecs including DivX- "The Swiss-army knife for QuickTime" - FREE
  • SynergyKM - GUI for Synergy to share keyboard/mouse with other computers over TCPIP - FREE
  • Tech Tool Pro 4 - disk maintenance, recovery, and system checks
  • Toast 9 - CD Burning
  • Name Mangler - basic file renaming utility - FREE
  • Visual Hub - universal video converter for the Mac (convert encoding, size, etc.)
  • VLC - cross-platform video player - FREE
  • VMWare Fusion - virtual machines for the Mac - how I run windows now
  • X-Lite - VoIP application - FREE
I have also been trying various applications - these are the ones I'm partial to at the moment:


Data Archiving - Jungle Disk and Amazon S3

I've settled on a data archiving plan - using Amazon S3 along with Jungle Disk to store my critical files. I like the fact the files are encrypted prior to being transfer to Amazon. Amazon S3 should be very reliable and the cost should be minimal. It will ensure that if the house burns down or the computers are stolen, I'll still have what I need.


14 June 2008

Changing Blog Providers

Its that time of year again - time to renew my web hosting contract.

I've decided to moved this blog from a Wordpress blog hosted at ANHosting (who I still really like) to BlogSpot hosted blog. As you know, I don't blog much, so it seems dumb to pay $84 a year just to host a blog. I'm still paying to host my photo gallery at SmugMug. The SmugMug RSS photo feeds actually integrate nicely with BlogSpot.

The only issue I found with blogspot was with uploading files (PDFs, etc.) There is no way to upload anything other than a photo, video, or audio clip. I found a work around by hosting files on a Google Site web page associated with my GFYD account.

I'm considering getting a Mac Me account when it is released, if for nothing more than the forthcoming real time iPhone sync features. We'll see how it works during my 60 day trial.


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