15 June 2008

Mac Utilities and Applications

I've only recently converted to the Mac, so I've been on the lookout for new utilities and tools. I have a set I use in windows, this what I have found useful so far on the Mac:

  • 1Password - an awsome password vault
  • AppleJack - OS command line utility for disk recovery - FREE
  • BlueHarvest - cleans up mac files from network shares
  • CyberDuck - FTP Client - FREE
  • DiskTop - indicates if a CD is loaded in the Mac by showing a CD/DVD on the desktop - FREE
  • Drive Genius - drive and file recovery
  • Flip4Mac - allows Quicktime to play Windows Media files
  • Google Notifier - checks for new mail and appointment on google - FREE
  • gSync - syncs my iCal with Google Calendars
  • HandBrake - DVD ripping - FREE
  • iStat Menus - general performance stats in the Mac Menus - FREE
  • Jolly's FastVNC - a VNC client - FREE
  • Jungle Disk - Amazon S3 remote disk storage
  • KeyFixer - allow the Home and End keys to work like they do on a PC - FREE
    KeyFixer for Firefox - Home and End fixes for Firefox browser - FREE
  • Little Snitch - personal firewall
  • MacTheRipper - DVD ripping when HandBrake fails - FREE
  • NetShredX - shreads surfing history and temp files for Safari and Firefox
  • NuFile - right click to create a new blank file (primarily to create new TXT files) - FREE
  • Perian - QuickTime codecs including DivX- "The Swiss-army knife for QuickTime" - FREE
  • SynergyKM - GUI for Synergy to share keyboard/mouse with other computers over TCPIP - FREE
  • Tech Tool Pro 4 - disk maintenance, recovery, and system checks
  • Toast 9 - CD Burning
  • Name Mangler - basic file renaming utility - FREE
  • Visual Hub - universal video converter for the Mac (convert encoding, size, etc.)
  • VLC - cross-platform video player - FREE
  • VMWare Fusion - virtual machines for the Mac - how I run windows now
  • X-Lite - VoIP application - FREE
I have also been trying various applications - these are the ones I'm partial to at the moment:

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