06 March 2010

Web Site Changes & Botswana Photos

I’ve spent the day reorganizing my websites. I finally took the plunge and customized my Smugmug hosted website - which I had been planning for several years. The main www.laabs.biz page now lands on a slide show of recent photos with a menu to access the blog, galleries, and portfolio. For the portfolio I gathered some of the best (and probably most eclectic) photos I have posted on the site. Also new is the search page. This page has the world map of photos (most of my photos taken in the last 2-3 years are geo tagged) along with a tag cloud of keywords for the photos.

Anyway, a few of the better photos from Botswana and Zambia have been posted - I’ve still got about 50% of the photos left to sort. I took about 8,000 photos during the two week trip. I would like to post some narratives to go with some of the photos - as my aunt said, there must be a story behind every photo; there is - and perhaps if I say I’m going to write about them I will actually do it.

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